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Dink Arena - GUI

Takes v1.5b of Dink Arena (where you choose the monsters, stats, and weapons to fight with) and gives it a Graphical User Interface to make setting up matches simple.
Released:June 8th, 1999
File Size:409.10 KB
Release Notes:v1.5g
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June 9th, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
Dink Arena Version 1.5 with the modified Graphical User Interface. Well Dan, what can I say. I think that this is a D-MOD that stands out from others. Not just the graphical user interface, but the other additions also make it stand out. Here's what I think...


Many strengths, one which stands out. It's user friendly appearance. When the GUI comes up, it is easy to see what to do, and who to have as enemies and what weapons you wish to use. I think that this is a great way to show the GUI. The arenas themselves are all different in their own ways. I like the way the version number doesn't come up. You don't understand how annoying that is for me, I hate it! I think that the way YOU can choose your difficulty by stating your stats and monsters is probably the best way it can be done. Very well done here Dan, with the GUI, and to the other 2 authors for the actuall D-MOD itslef. This is also a great D-MOD to use if you are just practicing, or training. I think that it can be used in many different ways and is a good D-MOD to download.


I got a bug sometimes, when the screen loads, none of the monsters load at all. I think that this is a major bug and should be sorted. I also think that the amount of levels could have been improved on, and the arenas themselves could be better. Other than that, very well done guys



Total 9.9
Grade A*

End comment "Great little D-MOD to play around with"