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Dink Wars (Demo)

Dink visits the post office. From the COTPATD project.
Quick demo, 60-70% complete.
Wont be able to work on it for a while so heres a demo version. No midis yet im afraid im gonna do them last. Feel free to play around with it in any way you like.
Released:January 16th, 2011
File Size:438.56 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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March 26th, 2013
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Japan bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
All right. It says demo- but it's actually just the unfinished dmod.

It starts off real simple. Dink's wife needs him to get some wood for the fire. So you go into the woods and there's a few pillbugs about but nothing serious. You find a lumberjack who'll give you some wood if you run an errand for him. So you do that, get the log, and head home. This is where your real quest begins.

It's really not a terrible premise.

Most of the text feels extremely forced, and that takes away from the flavor of this. There are also a lot of scripts that run upon entering a screen. So every time you leave and come back you're forced to watch it again. That annoyed the hell out of me. There are a few spelling mistakes, but they weren't very common. Some things didn't have an unfreeze(1); in them so you'd have to reload.

The scripts could really use some work.

There wasn't any.

The warps all had the default door creak sound. The author didn't appear to put in any sounds, so you only hear the ones already set.

It starts off really easy. There are pillbugs with like 10hp so I leveled off of them twice. The next area has boncas and slayers. The boncas take forever to kill and I didn't even try the slayers- they'd probably one hit me. The area after this has some slimes, they don't have a lot of hp but they have a touch_damage of like 25. That's pretty much game over for someone with 4 or 5 defense. Then there are super strong boncas.
Basically, if you want to get through this game- you're going to have to spend a really long time leveling off the weaker boncas.

The game shifts difficulty level way too abruptly.

The map was pretty nice. There were no hardness errors that I found and the land was decorated fairly nicely. There were some nice colored tree graphics I saw. It was a decent map.

However- this is only considered a demo, so I'll grant an extra point.

Total Score: 3.5/10

If more work was put into this, it could be a great game.