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Midi Mayhem

A 10 midi pack, totaling 23 minutes of music. They are original midis created by joshriot, who describes them as, "funky midis for funky DMODS"
Released:July 10th, 2002
File Size:10.06 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
September 9th, 2002
Score : 7.4 good
Peasant Female
This midi pack contains 10 (01Ė 10) midi files, which the author composed.

All the midiís have a strong synthesiser-sound and are high-pitched. Most of them have a sudden drop, after which the music starts again. Most of them also have a good or funny end: they donít loop, or fade, but go with a bang!

01 - skankin monkay: This one is 1.37 minutes long. It is not much varied, and has a strong synthesiser-sound. It gives the impression of action, or that something dangerous is about to happen. There is a sudden drop of the melody, until the music is almost non existent, after that the music start again. There is no loop.

02 - cowboy killers: This one is 3.22 minutes long. It gives the impression of action, and could be used for a fight. It reminds me of the Wild West, or riding a horse, and since the title is Cowboy Killers, that seems quite logical. There is not much variation. It has the same sudden drop as 01, after which the music starts again.

03 - mind grind: This one is 2.36 minutes long. It is not much varied and it has no loop. It gives a feeling of an eerie, dark place, and could therefore be used in a place such as a graveyard.

04 - runaway 1: This one is 2.50 minutes long. This one resembles 03, Mind Grind, but it is more eerie. It could be used in fight. There is no real loop.

05 - runaway 2: This one is 2.04 minutes long. It resembles 04, Runaway 1, but is much faster. Halfway, the music suddenly fades, after that it starts again.

06 - the lonely dancer: This one is 2.35 minutes long, and it does not have a loop. It resembles both 04 and 05. It gives the impression of action, but is a bit nerve-racking too. The end is very good; I particularly like that part.

07 - been shot down: This one is 2.29 minutes long. It resembles fast action. The end is good, just as in 06, Lonely Dancer.

08 - unfriendly abduction: This one is 1.06 minutes long, and does not have a real loop. It is very, very fast, and is a mix of both action and tension. After second 16 the music is real smooth and almost calm, but it still gives an eerie feeling. After that the tension is built. It could be used in a spellbound forest.

09 - a final grave: This one is 2.04 minutes long, and does not have a loop. It is fast, and nerve-racking, and it did get on my nerve very fast.

10 - no sorrow: This one is 2.17 minutes long, and does not have a loop. There is a moment of silence in it. The music builds tension, and gives a feeling of threat, and could therefor be used in a part of the story where something dangerous is going to happen.

Overall: All of the midiís can be used for a fight, for an exciting part of the story, or for some dangerous situation. Iím not very fond of this kind of music, but I did like some of them: Cowboy Killers is a good one, the end of Lonely Dancer is good, as is Unfriendly Abduction, particularly after second 16.
If youíre looking for synthesiser-music, which you can use in dangerous or exciting parts of your D-mod, this midi pack is a good choice.