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An old man's paradise Look at that cool titlescreen!
November 8th, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: An evil wizard wants to rule the world, but knows that Dink will never bow for him.

Map and graphics: A nice title screen. The map is complex and decorated very nicely. Sometimes there are so many details, that it is a relief to be on a spot that has not that many details. There are many new graphics, which are real good. There are all kind of science fiction graphics, such as spaceships, teleporters and new backgrounds. New are also the pyramids and bridges, and some item icons.

Music: Nice music indeed.

Good: The intro scene is nicely done. The first part of the D-mod is well worked out. The transparent roof on top of the poles is very nice; you can walk underneath it and it will give nice shadows. The text that is said while talking to the spaceships is right out of Space Quest: that brings back some memories!

Not so good: The wizard in the house does not talk. I guess he is part of the storyline, since I could not do some other things. When entering a house I was warped to a screen with trees with no exit. Some parts of the map are not finished, although they are accessible. Even though the author could not finish the game, a few changes to that part would have been nice.

Overall: A good D-mod with a sort of ending.

Fit for: If you love science fiction, you will love this D-mod too.