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Revenge of the Cast

Dink is ambushed in his house only a week or two after the original Dink and is taken to a cell in the Cast's Underground.
Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:266.28 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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October 15th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
First thing's first; I made this DMOD so I will just vote close to the average.

This DMOD is greatly, greatly improved from the DMOD Moorack and the Pillbugs. At it's time it was probably an 8.5 but now it is knocked back because of the magnificence of Prophecy of the Ancients and such. The reviewers are pretty much correct on all aspects. Oddly enough my testers actually thought the ID grabbing was just AWFUL and they thought the dungeon was great. Weird huh? The music choice is one of my strengths and I think it fits the theme.

Yes there are two screenlocks that I remember and definatly not enough puzzles.

Overall: This dmod cannot hold it's own against a lot of those dmod's rated 9 or higher but it can give you a few hours of good times.

I just checked out this site again after 4 years and I am very displeased that the review database seems to be erased. My reviews of many mods and redink1's as well (which also included his in-depth review of this mod). Oh well, the current reviews of this mod seem fair.

NOTE: Learning to create DMOD's at age 13 really got me into programming/scripting and I would like to thank redink1 and the entire Dink Smallwood Community. Four years later, because of you all I have moved onto Morrowind Mod creation and other such ambitious projects.
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