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Simple Dink Spell

March 9th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female
This is a programme I wished I had when I made my D-mods. It would have saved so much time! No more painstakingly going through dozens (and many more!) of .c files but just a few clicks and the work would have been done.

Purpose: Dink Spell makes a copy of all the .c files in the story directory (or any other directory, but the story directory is the most used), copies them into a text document such as Word and then, after you have run the spellchecker, it copies them back to the story directory and overwrites all the .c files. Thus you can easily check all the .c files at the same time, since they are shown in just one document. You can also choose to just copy one or two .c files, or any other amount of files you choose.

Installation: After you have unzipped the zipfile, Dink Spell is ready to run. There is no installation needed. Just double click the programme and it runs.

Use: After you have opened Dink Spell you see a small menu. On the left side you can choose the drive and directory where the files you want to check are in. When you select the story directory, the .c files will be shown on the middle of the menu. Now you can choose which files you want to check, or you can click the button on the right to select them all. Then you click 'export' and all the files will be copied into another, new document. After you checked this one document and saved it, you click on 'import' and all the spell checked and proofread files will be copied to the directory and they will overwrite the old .c files.

Good: It is very easy to use and it saves a lot of time! The programme comes with a readme file that covers everything you need or want to know about Dink Spell.

Not so good: I really can not find anything!

Overall: A must have for every D-mod author!

Fit for: If you are working on a D-mod and need to spell check it, download this file!