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As Good As Eternity

Massive amounts of gore and ducks
June 14th, 2003
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female
Storyline: Dink has to revenge his mother and father.

Map and graphics: The map is just beautiful. It is interesting, loaded with sprites that are used in an original, practical or new way and it never gets boring. The author of AGAE spent a lot of time in decorating the map and she did a very good job. It is the most beautiful map I have ever seen.
There are some new graphics, as the piano player, the Dinkers behind their computer, the wizard in the temple and the house, the end-boss and some item icons which all look not very good, but sure good enough.

Music: The music is sometimes good, and sometimes excellent (in the temple) but mostly not that well chosen to fit the situation. The music that plays when fighting or when some other action is going on, is well chosen, but the music for the more quiet parts is not that good, even a bit boring.

Good: The gameplay is outstanding, the story is really interesting, but, most important, you really get that ‘good old Dink’ feeling when playing this game. There are many, many things to discover and find such as the treepass, the different weapons, tons of goodies and all different kind of magic. There is also a lot to do besides the main quest. I especially liked the very beginning of the game: the map is beautifully decorated and there are lots of things to do in a relatively small area. I also loved the fact that every building has a human sprite in it who all have information to share, or from whom you can buy something or learn something or just chat with.
The two computer guys playing Dink are plain hilarious, especially the guy which the stereo tower that blasts music! A clever use of old graphics too, such as the blocked off bridge in the beginning of the game, and the storage in one of the houses on Turtle Beach. This D-mod is made with an eye for detail. Not only the many details on the map, but also with an eye for the things that the people who live in Dink’s world would need or like, such as the museum with the trophies or the benches near the river. The map split in three parts is a clever finding. The endscene with the falling fence is cool, and the reunion is a real nice ending.

Not so good: I encountered lots and lots of hardness errors and got stuck in all kind of sprites such as boxes, chests, humans, trees, fences and houses – you name it, I got stuck in it! - as on borders and such. I do not think I got stuck so many times in any D-mod. A lot of tiles are not stamped correctly, so you can see the edges.

Overall: An extremely good D-mod.

Fit for: Anyone who wants to have a blast of an adventure!