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Dink Smallwood Trainer

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Released:October 30th, 2001
File Size:102.69 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
January 4th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This is an .exe file that lets you cheat.

Installation: Just unzip the .zip file and the trainer is ready.

Use: When playing a D-mod, return to windows in order to open the trainer. You can enable/disable 99999 gold and infinite health, and enter values for experience points, level, attack and defense level.

Good: It is very user friendly. In fact, the most user friendly cheat I have come across on the Dink Network. Even if you do not know anything about folders in D-mods, .c files and such (things the other cheats work a lot with) you can still use this one. I would say this a cheat for dummies. You can change the values anytime during the game.

Not so good: There is also a ‘text 5’ that you can not fill in, and this function is not explained in the readme.txt. Other cheats have more features.

Overall: A good cheat that excels in user friendliness.

Fit for: If you just want to click and cheat, this is a very good download.
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