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Flower Blood

January 31st, 2003
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant She/Her
Purpose: To have flowers instead of blood.

Installation: Just run the programme and it will install itself.

Use: Press the / key while in the game to activate the flowerblood and press / to deactivate it.

Good: It looks cute and funny. When you hit an enemy once a white flower appears that falls on the ground and it then looks like it just grows there. When you kill an enemy a circle of little white flowers appears that becomes bigger and then disappears. This flowerblood will do well for those who can not stand the side of blood, or for little children who want to play Dink anyway but who do not want to see any blood.

Not so good: The programme installs itself, which is fine for those who think that is easier, but the drawback is that there is no uninstall option, which always annoys me. You can of course delete it, but then you would have to know you have to search the graphics folder (the graphics are in dinkgraphicseffectsflower) and the story folder (the file used is key-111). The / key did not work for me, so I changed the name of the script and then it worked fine.

Overall: A funny little add on.

Fit for: If you are tired of blood, try funny flowerblood!