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It's the old story: the Queen is in labour, chaos is in every pub, monsters are lurking from behind beertaps, and the Good Mistress tries to take over worldpower so she can destroy the world as some of us know it.

Someone has to save the world. And someone is trying very hard.

It's not you though! It's your job to save the world from being saved and to make sure that the Good Mistress and her companions can destroy the world so that no one can enjoy playing D-mods anymore. See if you'll succeed!

*Best download of june 2003*

*Winner of Evil Hero Contest*
Released:June 21st, 2003
File Size:1.88 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
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August 4th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
Twins by Binrit is the winner of the Evil Hero D-mod Contest.


The storyline was very well done as was the way you go through it. But it started to be a little confusing in the beginning which could have stopped people from getting further in it. My favorite part of the d-mod was the choice making. It's usually implemented in most d-mods to do conversation and such, but most of these choices to be made in this d-mod can drastically change the game and storyline. For example, at one point you have to find a hero's gland to make a drink out of it. (don't ask) But, it turns out it's extremely expensive. If you go crazy and kill everyone, you can skip ahead in the story. While, if you payed, you'd have to go through more of the adventure and give up 4000 gold pieces. Another great feature to this d-mod was the sound and music. There are many sound effects, monkeys, tarzan, etc. But my favorite had to be the screaming sound from the father. It freaked me out at first, I thought some animal was trapped in my room, but it was only the game. The music is spectacular. The intro music is my 2nd favorite song and the classical music played when seeing hundreds of dead corpses sort of... well, put a wicked smile on my face. All the midis are top notch, from the banjo music down in the caves to the midi playing at the stone island, they definitely add a great element to Twins. The cutscenes are especially polished and well done. The crowd outside of the palace was neat how more people kept showing up and the cheer shouted from the villagers made me feel as if I were with them.


A few things I disliked about the d-mod was the puzzling beginning of it as mentioned before. And a few story oriented things also confused me, why would Dink have a flashback of the queen having him, if he thought his father saved him? One last thing that stopped me from giving a higher score was the banjo music in the caves. The music was good, but it didn't loop and the author forgot to assign the music somewhere in the caves so you could hear it again.


Twins is a great d-mod, don't let the beginning get you down or you could miss the time of your life.
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