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Christiaan's Midi Pack

"12 midis made by myself, for all kinds of places and scenes. Pretty great variation."
Released:September 29th, 2002
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Release Notes:v1.00
October 19th, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
Peasant Female
This midi pack consists of 12 midiís that the author made himself.

The author describes each midi in the readme.txt, which is not only quite handy, but also interesting because it gives an impression of what the author thinks of his own music.

Acoustic: This is calm and nice midi with some accents in it. It has a loop.

Dragon: This is a somewhat eerie sounding midi with lots of high-pitched tones. It loops.

Fast Pace: This one is quite fast, and it gives the impression of danger, so it could be used in an action or fighting scene. There are some nice accents in it. It does not loop.

Heavy: This midi is a really good piece of music with nice drumbeat accents. The end is funny. It is suitable for exciting situations. It has no loop.

Lord of Destruction: This one resembles Heavy, but is even faster. Good for an end boss scene, or some other action scene. The end is quite nice. It has no loop.

Low Pace: This is a very dark tune that is not very interesting, nor exciting. It has no loop.

Mystery Metal: This one resembles Low pace, but is much better. It gives the impression of danger, or a feeling of threat. It could do nicely in a part of the story where something dangerous is going to happen. It loops.

Religion: This one is very fast, but also a bit eerie. It has no loop.

Shrine: This one is a bit like Religion, but much calmer and even more eerie. It is a strange mix of calmness and tension. It loops.

Sweet: This one is indeed sweet. And calm. Only the end is out of place. It sort of loops.

Weird: This one is a bit like Sweet, but it gives a creepy feeling. And it has some action too. It could do nicely in a cave where some fighting has to be done as well. It has no loop.

Worldís Awake: This one is rather calm, but with some eerie undertone in it. Good for an enchanted forest.

Overall: A good variety of midiís.