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Japanese Midi Pack

January 23rd, 2003
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Female
This pack contains 110 midiís for use in D-mods.

Although there is variety in the midiís (such as midiís for quiet situations, for fights, and for eerie caves) and the midi's will suit almost any D-mod, and although there are also some midiís that, although they sound alike, vary in speed (such as 13.mid, 14.mid and 15.mid where the first one is the slow version and the last one the fast version) there is overall not that much variety.

Most midiís from this pack sound a lot like each other, perhaps because they are all from the same kind of games and/or from the same artist (there is no information about this pack in a readme.txt).

Some stand out though, in one way or another.
Bare.mid is real funny, and hare.mid resembles bare.mid a lot, etude.mid resembles the classic bumble bee a lot, and koya.mid is also a familiar tune.

Miníyou_88.mid, miníyou_gm.mid, and robotown.mid are quite cheerful, and those that are different but nice as well are dhz.mid, eiga.mid, sitsuren.mid, and yosei.mid.

Overall a midiís pack that does not offer that many different midiís, but at least some midiís to use in a D-mod.