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Final Fantasy Midi Pack

October 6th, 2002
Volume 1
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Female
This midi pack contains the midiís from Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 2 Japanese Version.

There are 12 midiís from Final Fantasy 2, and 60 from Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 2 midiís

The main midiís and the town midi from Final Fantasy 2 are all calm and quiet. The other ones are fast and could be used for action and fighting scenes.

Final Fantasy 7 midiís

Some that caught my attention:
The FF7comme is a very nice one with some accents. FF7battl is a very good midi and could be used for exiting parts of the game.

FF7debut is a very weird one; almost a midi without any music, but just some tones.

FF7dream is indeed dreamlike, whereas FF7escap is indeed a tune that could be used in some dangerous situation in which you had to escape - or fight to stay alive.

FF7farmb reminded me of Dink feeding the pigs; not only because of the name farm boy, but also because this midi suits that situation: Dink somewhat dreamlike feeding the pigs meanwhile thinking of all the heroic stuff he is going to do Ė this midi would have really suited that situation.

FF78golds has got a mediaeval touch.
When hearing FF7lurki I immediately imagined some detective walking in a dark alley, looking for clues.
FF7red13 has got some real nice drumbeats, and FF7templ is a good midi for use in an enchanted forest or a situation like that.

FF7sleep is really short, only 12 seconds, but it could be very well used when Dink is taking a nap to restore health.

The longest midi is FF7aerit: 19:54. The shortest one FF7sleep: 0:12.

Although all the music from Final Fantasy is outstanding, my favourite is FF7tifa. Not only is it a rather long midi (4:37), but it is also an exceedingly good piece of music.

Overall: This midi pack has a great variety; anything from very calm and quiet tunes to action, fighting and nerve-racking music is in this pack. You could easily find music in this pack for a whole D-mod.