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No Man's Land GFX Pack

These are all bmps I made for RVD (Rip Van Dinkle), some of them I didn't use. Use them however, ask me first if you want to use them commercially . Oh, and I'd appreciate a little credit if you do use them.
Released:January 25th, 2003
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Release Notes:1.0
January 27th, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
This pack consists of the graphics dland-01 dland-34, dwall-01 dwall-10, warp-01 warp-06, and the tiles TS12, TS19 and TS21.

Some graphics look like they are covered with soot, dirt and ashes, while others are covered in blood.

Dwall-01/dwall-19 is a series of the grey walls used for indoors that have some black areas on them, as if there was a fire. The bed and the houses look that way too. The houses however show the red and black dots and do not look that good. The trees and bushes have all kind of purple, brown and green colours. The rock looks that way too, but it looks a bit more normal then the trees and bushes.

The sign is covered in blood, and there are a lot of graphics of all kind of dead people lying in a pool of blood. A graphic of a dead Dink is also available, also lying in a pool of blood. There is a 'hark' graphic, also rather bloody, bloody looking grass, a log covered in blood, and some words that you can put on a wall and that are written in blood.

The only new graphic is a dagger that looks to big.

Warp-01/warp-06 is Dink fading.
TS12 is the same original brown bricks, but in a different colour brown and also in light blue. TS19 is the original path, but now the path is red. TS21 is the cave tile, but in a somewhat purple colour.

I am not that charmed of these graphics, since all that blood is a bit overboard, but if you are looking for bloody or sooty graphics, this is a good pack to download.