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Sound FAQ

September 10th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female
This file gives answers to the most frequently asked questions about adding new sounds into D-mods.

Good about it: It covers a wide range of questions and/or problems that D-mod authors might have, and gives of course answers and solutions. It tells you how to load new sounds into a D-mod and why files may not load, why sounds do not work or why they suddenly stop, about the possibilities of using speech in a D-mod, what to think of when attaching sounds to sprites, and so on. The file is set up nicely: there are questions and answers, and I find that user friendly. It gives links to freeware/shareware editors.

Not so good: Although the file states that it will be updated, it hasnít for a while. But the author stated in the file that MP3 import, using sound commands, midi manipulation will be added soon to this file.

Overall: A very good file to find the answers you need about implementing music in a D-mod.