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Attack of the Evil Wizard (The)

The mayor's house. From the COTPATD project. An interesting well.
Dink must stop the Evil Wizard Ermadgrit from destroying the world.
Released:October 10th, 2006
File Size:3.90 MB
Release Notes:Beta v1.1
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December 26th, 2006
Beta v1.1
Score : 5.7 fair
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
The Attack of the Evil Wizard is a reasonable DMOD crippled by bugs.

The plot for this DMOD is as much a stereotype as it's name. It is about a wizard who is after a large source of powerful magic knowledge in order to become ruler of the world. This story is set in the land of Mallerasa which has some interesting characters (like the people in the Dead Dragon Carcass church) and some characters that make the DMOD really feel like it was made in a hurry. This becomes especially evident towards the end of the DMOD when everything seems geared towards letting the story progress. The same is true for the storytelling. It was interesting in the beginning with a lot of things being told, but after a while only the absolutely essential things are said.

The mapping is done quite well and this DMOD has some new background tiles that work quite fine. But there are quite a few errors as well, some of which are quite annoying. These are things like a few instances of unscripted enemies, static fire as well as one case of a flickering house. All of these could easily be fixed if the DMOD had been allowed some more time to complete.

In terms of gameplay there is nothing new in here. Most of it consists of simple talk 'n walk assignments and some monster-killing. Luckily these are alternated quite well and the distances to be walked are short. The monsters on the other hand are simply the stock ones, slightly modified for this DMOD. This can become annoying when the end-boss is a wizard with a dragon's script...

What really let's this DMOD down are it's bugs. Version 1.0 (which was the previous version) was completely unplayable and this version has quite some nasty bugs as well. There are bugs of nearly any of the basic types present in this DMOD. When you talk to the healer for example she states that is costs 0 gold to heal, in fact it cost me 50 gold and I still hadn't become any more healthy. And it is the same story when trying to buy a clawsword from the 'warez mazter'. There are some freeze bugs too some in essential places, like after you kill a dragon needed to progress in the story. I actually had to alter some scripts a whopping three times to let me experience this DMOD to the end.

So, you can't say that Attack of the Evil Wizard is a bad DMOD, but it has nothing special either. It's enough to keep you entertained for a while since there is nothing really bad about this DMOD. Except for it's bugs, and as long as the most annoying ones aren't solved this DMOD isn't worth your download. Unless you're prepared to do some manual editing.
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