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Some of the mod's original graphics. From the COTPATD project.
A parody of Voltron, in Zoltron you play a kid with a really wicked punch, and must kill all the little droids.
Released:August 18th, 1999
File Size:376.56 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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July 11th, 2002
Score : 0.5 horrible
Peasant She/Her
Dr. Zarbon has some robots and Rick has to fight them.

Storyline and map: No storyline and the map is very crappy.

Graphics: Rick is new; the way his t-shirt moves when in idle position is funny. The robots are new too and they look ok. The statusbar look allright and is surveyable.

Music: There is not much music. The sort-of-Godfather-scene has some nice music.

Good: The author states that he had no programming or scripting experience when he made this. Considering that this D-mod turned out to be not that bad.

Not so good: This D-mod is a strange and not balanced mixture of all kind of things. It looks more like an experiment then a D-mod. The end is that Rick got stuck in a cave and then the game crashes - or is that supposed to be the end? When you've performed a task, like killing some bad boyfriend, the conversation has not changed when returning to the girl who asked you to handle her boyfriend. Although the Godfather-scene is somewhat amusing, it doesn't fit in with the rest.

Overall: No story, no plot, this is just a bit of everything which turns out to be nothing at all.

Remark: The author should have waited making one until he had some experience.

Fit for: No one.