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Midi Tutorial

January 23rd, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This tutorial is intended as an introduction to midiís and sequencing and is supposed to be for newbies and those who have a bit more experience on the subject.

I disagree with mimifish on the part that this file is only suitable for a few Dinkers. The history part and the section on how to create your own midi may not attract any Dinker, but the part about the several ways you can use midi's in your D-mod (it comes with several procedures)is certainly something that can interest any D-mod author since this file explains more ways to call a midi then using the editor or add the simple playsound() procedure in a script.

Good: This tutorial a very in depth file and very suitable if you want to learn more on the subject.

Although not all the chapters might be of interest for the average D-mod author, there certainly are lots of interesting things, for example the explanation on what the abbreviaton midi stands for and how it was developed: a nice piece of history. It explains what a sequencer is, how it works and what kind of sequencers there are.

But the most interesting part can be found at the end of the tutorial, where the author explains how to use midiís in a D-mod. Of course you can call a midi from withing the editor, and of course also from within a script, but the author also gives the procedures to stop a midi from playing, to disable or enable the screen attached midi, how to play a midi during loading screen, and how to loop a midi.

Overall: Very nice reading material with useful procedures.