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Computer Virus

The Virus Overlord
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Released:June 18th, 2003
File Size:510.71 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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July 6th, 2003
Score : 5.9 fair
So, a virus has been put in the computer and Joseph Smallwood must kill it so he could become the overlord. This is one of the entries for the Evil Hero D-mod Contest which we will further call TEHDC.


Well, I thought the enemies were cool because they kept on changing into random items. The sword thing you get is funny because it looks like a fish in your inventory, it made me laugh out loud, because hey, have you ever seen a fish for a sword? Dink is really strong and he goes extremely fast which I also liked. The few midis that were used were really great, they seemed like they were in the right place, especially when you were running to meet the boss. The boss said such phrases as "LOL!" or "WTH?" That it made me believe I was battling an AOLer, which certainly took out a VERY large amount of stress I also liked the placement of tiles for the boss, it looked as if the whole world was almost broken down and I didn't have much time left.


I thought this d-mod wasn't too bad, but it certainly had its share of errors that made me feel the d-mod itself was infected by a virus... The first one occurs if you try to keep on walking to the right in the white-tiled computer place. You would go to a screen with grass, I think the author accidentally created an extra screen. One other problem happens when you try to read the note in a village house. It's impossible, the problem here is either the author didn't attatch the script to the sprite or the note was so far on the tables that instead of trying to interact with the note, Dink tried to interact with the table. And the final error was that you couldn't save at the last save machine. Although I've only listed 3 flaws the d-mod is so short that every error makes a big impact on gameplay. Other overall flaws were the grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. But problems in the environment weren't the only faults here. The end seemed rather rushed as if the writer decided to make this compatible with TEHDC at the last minute. It might of been a plot twist, but if it was, it was very poorly executed. The plot was in no means brilliant and certainly made me disappointed.


Not really a bad d-mod, but it has some obvious flaws. Good job on your first d-mod, Blue, just remember your mistakes and make sure they are never seen again for your next one.
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