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Computer Virus

March 12th 2019, 12:54 PM
Peasant Female United States
The world isn't small; it's dinky. 
Thanks to Crazy Old Tim Plays all the DMODs post on Computer Virus I discovered there is a whole town in this DMOD (!) with funny characters, glitch enemies, pickups, and a store ! Seriously, every relevant file should have a link to one lf his posts. He often has a lot more information about history, play experience, and review than anything else here.

To access the secret town, on the glitchy hallway that leads up to the portal for the final showdown, locate a tree on the right near the top of the screen, and walk behind it. Also, there is another secret area accessible to the top right of the final portal area with a maze that leads to a strength boost fountain.

Sadly, I did not stumble upon these finds on my initial playthrough. I guess I was afraid to get lost in glitch heaven if I rubbed the edges ! I had just finished making a strategy walkthrough for the battle-tough Dink Nukem DMOD and was up for a challenge, so I faced the final wizard after only defeating the required pillbugs. I used defense each time as my stat upgrade and mostly took out the bugs by spamming attack with my sword when I entered the screen and picking up any health drops. My strategy for fighting the wizard was always keep moving to make his spells miss and I mostly hit him with the sword one while running alongside him horizontally, just out of range for him to hit me with body damage.

I had fun with this little DMOD. The object swap loops look really impressive on modern systems that can swap them very fast, and I can totally buy that as a computer glitch. I also really like the fourth wall breaking idea of videogame characters realizing they are in a game and affected by things like glitches and players, like the critically acclaimed Disney Wreck it Ralph movies of late. Seriously, if you are a retro games fan, you've got to see these. It has cameos from Street Fighter II, Sonic, Pac Man, and more, and it is all being shared with a modern generation. Such magic.