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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant Female
Dink needs to fight some enemies in a cave.

Storyline: A very small one. Dink is having a drink in a local bar when a man comes in, shouting for help. The man and his brother live in an old house and found some caves underneath the building. The brother did some exploring, but was never seen alive again. The man does not want to go into the caves to find his brother and hires Dink.

Map and graphics: The caves look quite good, especially the brownish ones. The pillbugs are yellow.

Music: Good, and it fits the situation.

Good: Exploring a cave is not new, but this D-mod handles it well. The cave is not too big, nor too small. Because you are quite focused on the cave, you tend to forget that there are some surroundings on the surface too where you can buy weapons and so on. There even is a small puzzle in the cave; with a question-asking and dancing goblin sprite that is in fact as the sprite says a green monster.

Not so good: There is not much of a story; it is all about finding your way in the caves and defeating the end boss. You do not find the brother, which is, I think, a fault, because that is what the whole story is about. Dink just says to the man that his brother is dead, but you have never even seen this brother!
The lantern used in the caves suits the situation, but it gets annoying real quick to play an entire albeit small D-mod with the lantern. You can buy a clawsword, but you have to kill lots of enemies to get the 2000 gold, and it is not really necessary since the normal sword or even the fist is doing just fine. I bought the bow too, but I could not kill anything with it; although it does shoot, it will not harm the enemy.

Overall: A nice D-mod.

Fit for: If you want to play a D-mod during a small break.