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Scar of David 2: The Search for the Scarf

Dink must retrieve David's scarf from a group of thieves.
Released:July 12th, 1998
File Size:278.72 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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October 4th, 2002
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant She/Her
Dink meets David again, from The Scar of David, and has to find his scarf.

Storyline: The storyline is rather small, but has something going for it. Dink is ambushed and looses the scarf that David gave to him. So he has to find it. There is however no ending to this D-mod; it just ends somewhere, as if the author could not bothered to finish it.

Map and graphics: The graphics are used in a new way; the fruit shop is a nice example of that. The mapping is done nicely.

Music: This D-mod does not have any music.

Good: The narrator at the beginning is a very nice change to the narrator that just shows text; here you see a man sitting and talking about what kind of adventure Dink is going to be involved in. The narrator is a storyteller and also writes books; one of them is of course about this adventure of Dink. The humour in this D-mod is better then in The Scar of David part 1, and sometimes quite good. The basement of the Canadian is rather large for a basement but it is well worked out and takes you some time to find the item the Canadian is looking for. The maze with the poles is nice too.

Not so good: One pole in the maze warps you to the top of the cliff; that would not be so bad, but I could not find any exit on the cliff and so I had to load a saved game. If however, you did not save your game, you had to play some part of the game again. In the basement the wall moved after I got the second potion but without actually being on that spot (that certain screen) and having moved the wall; hence I was in search of the wall and could not find it since it had already been mysteriously moved while I was on a different screen. There is no end to this D-mod.

Overall: A D-mod with a small adventure for Dink.

Fit for: Everybody who wants to play a little D-mod.
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