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Scar of David 2: The Search for the Scarf

Dink must retrieve David's scarf from a group of thieves.
Released:July 12th, 1998
File Size:278.72 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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June 10th, 2002
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant He/Him
Scar Of David 2 - The Search For The Scarf. Okay then, in the original Dink Smallwood is given a magic scarf by david, howver in number 2 Dink is robbed and it is taken from him. Dink only finds out the scarf is magic in number 2 and realises he must find it. He goes on a short and sweet journey to get the scarf...


I found the beginning to be a small bit humourous, which was ok I guess. I also saw that some of the timing when he was talking to the fruit guy was well done. Or maybe them ovelapping each others speech is a bad thing (bug) Anyway, I found the storyline ok, not good, ok. And these are really the only good points I could find, apart from maybe the lack of hardness errors. Well done there.... apart from that, what can I say?


The storyline is short, the plot is very badly put together, there are no midis, no new graphics, it is worse than the original one that Mike Snyder did. In number one you play it, then you see number 2 and think it's going to be great. Howver, Scar Of David 2 - The search for the scarf, disobeys these traditions and does nothing of the sort. After playing it I decided to see what friends said. Exactly the same, terrible plot, storyline and the lot. The list of weaknesses goes on, so take my advice and stay clear of this D-MOD. It's not worth the time!


Bad D-MOD, bad storyline, shouldn't be downloaded. Take my advice, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Total 1.0
Grade D-

End Comment "Small, badly put together D-MOD"
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