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Screensaver 2

A Dink Smallwood themed screensaver.
Released:May 15th, 1999
File Size:182.47 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
May 21st, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Male Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
Just like to other Dink themed screensaver, you can now watch Dink, even while you're not playing. The readme for this screensaver also doesn't explain where you should extract the file to let it appear in the Windows screensavermenu. You should extract it in the windowssystem dir and then you can click Screensaver2 in the list to use it. And just like the other screensaver, that's not a good name for a Dink themed screensaver in a list with other screensavers. You can modify the same things here like the other screensaver but I'll mention them anyway: the speed (frames per second - now set to 20) and if you want to hear sound yes/no.

The screensaver shows the Dink logo and many Dinks moving around on screen. Each Dink has a different arm ( colo(u)r ), but it hasn't been done carefully so that looks bad. And there's also a picture moving that tells you that this 'great' screensaver has been made by Andy M. That message is in an ugly font (actually, it's not a font, just made with the mouse - see it and you'll know what I mean). Then there's also the black area problem around the pictures, a transparent white would be better, now a few Dinks can hide behind the large black area around the Dink logo.

And just like the other screensaver, this screensaver has been made with an unregistered version of the Animated Screen program from PY Software ( In a nice.. blue colo(u)r, this message will stay all the time in the bottomleft corner of the screen. Also the options window for the screensaver has that message. (Pfff, I could've copy/paste this from my other review for the Dink themed Screensaver 1)

The sound for this one is a bit better than 1 because at least there's a change in the sound.

Overall: The music is better (read: better, that doesn't mean it's good or so) than the other screensaver but this one has bad done graphics and it just doesn't looks nice so that doesn't make a big change in the score.