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October 8th, 2002
Score : 8.1 good
Peasant She/Her
An arcade game that resembles the classic game Arkanoid.

Storyline: There indeed is a story. The Zolan Empire is ready to invade earth. But before they can do that, the soldiers have to be trained, and this is done in a holographic simulator room of blocks. Since the only threat to the invasion would come from a guy named Dink Smallwood, the Grand Admiral Ranis named the simulator room Dinkanoid. Now, once you start the game, there is not much of a story left of course, but it is nice to know who you are playing and what you are doing: you are a Zolan soldier, preparing for battle.

Music: There is some music, but the only time when you hear some (and those are sound effects) is when you have reached a new level.

Good: It is well worked out. The screen is divided into two parts: on the right is a science fiction picture, on the left the actual game. The bricks that come in all kind of colours and in different size are new. Tiles to decorate the inside of houses are used for the background. The statusbar is used, as is the bar for the score (normally experience points). Just as in the original Arkanoid you have to use the paddle to control the ball. The ball will hit a brick and it disappears. When you have hit all bricks, the round is over and you begin with a new one.
Just as the classic Arkanoid, this is somewhat addictive too.

Not so good: The rules state that you have to start by pressing Ctrl in order to launch the ball, but the ball will launch itself after a couple of seconds. So when I reached a new level, I took a small break and when I got back I lost all the paddles. When you load a saved game, you start with all six paddles though, so it is very easy to finish the game.

Overall: A very well worked out arcade game.

Fit for: If you like Arkanoid, you will like this one too.