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Mrs. Scarlet's Murder Mystery

Mrs Scarlet has been murdered! It is up to Detective Smallwood to solve the crime.
Released:December 5th, 2000
File Size:346.85 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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March 19th, 2005
Score : 7.1 good
This game was interesting and I can’t wait to see the full version.
Gameplay: Dink the privet detective is called in to investigate a murder, this Dmod was very well thought out and interesting. The game design could also lead to, what I have wanted to see forever, Dink Dmod Adventure Games.

Graphics: A few new graphics, very well set out, should be even better when the full version is out.

Music: None in game, but the game itself makes up for that, hopefully music in full version though

Final Thoughts: Great game, can’t wait for full version. It introduces a very good idea into Dmod creation, it is original and fun..
Good: The idea and the execution
Bad: No music, lets hope this will be rectified in the full version.

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