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Dink is tired of being a hero, he turns evil
Released:August 28th, 2011
File Size:647.99 KB
Release Notes:Title screen and buttons are changed, put in my new logo "FruitBubba Productions." The last version had ffed stuff which ruined it. So here it is.
Mapping less annoying, but still very annoying.
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November 29th, 2009
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant Male Sweden steam
A new dmod?
That's great!
So, what do we have here? 10 map screens? 18 scripts?
This is a small dmod I tell you!
But it can still be good, right?

Let's see...

What's good?
In EvilDink Dink turns evil and wants to kill everyone.
That's a quite simple story, but the fact that there is a story is always a nice.
I also liked that it had a intro where the story was told, some dmods just tell the story in the readme or something

What's bad?
This dmod is very easy. It's just about killing people in one-hit. Some doesn't even move and can't hurt you, so it is almost impossible to die.
In short romps like this there is always fun to see some new graphics, but in this dmod there where none, except for Rabidwolf9s Dark Dink Graphics and witch he didn't give Rabidwolf9 credit for!

Sorry, make a new dmod and put some more effort in it!

This dmod take 2 minutes to play (and 30 minutes to create) and that's a waste of time.
2 / 10