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Fountain of Life (The)

From the COTPATD project.
Dink must help find the Fountain of life so he can help heal the king.
Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:260.50 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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March 10th, 2004
Score : 5.5 fair
Peasant Female
Dink has to deliver a parcel, but the king is taken prison and now it's up to Dink to save him.

Storyline, map and graphics: It starts out alright, that is, the intro explains what the storyline is going to be. After that you're kind of lost and there is not much else to do. The map is quite empty. There are no new graphics, except for the parcel.

Music: Fits the situation.

Bugs: If you save and then load, you start on a totally different screen where Dink isn't even to be seen.

Good: The intro is real nice. The new way you can heal is original.

Not so good: The title seems out of place, since there is no reference to it at all in the game. After the intro you don't have any healtpoints left. The way to heal, although original, is something I found after I finished the game; so some hint could have been included. Since you are facing some enemies after the intro and there seems no way to heal, you die easily by just touching them. Since there is NO savebot either, you have to restart the game every time you get killed which REALLY is annoying. The same goes for the prison scene: no savebot, so when you do the wrong thing, you die and have to restart and see that intro again - and again - and again. I think I saw it about ten times or so… The enemies get real tough real fast and there are no savebots in that area.

Overall: Very short, and except from the intro there is almost nothing to do.

Fit for: If you want to see an nice intro.