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Spells & Items Pack

Contains icons for the inventory as well as scripts, but alas, no new graphics. Instead, he utilizes graphics included with Dink.
Released:August 7th, 2005
File Size:207.08 KB
Release Notes:1.3
August 26th, 2003
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant Male Australia
4 scripts and 6 item bmps for their use, and two additional bmps with no scripts (For ICE and KNOWLEDGE spells). There are no detailed instruction on how to install these spells and get them up and running for the novice DMOD author.

So you will have to add a line in dink.ini to get the graphics into your DMOD, and then you will have to use the add_magic and add_item commands in a script somewhere to make them accessible to Dink/main character.

Of course the bmps are labelled in a way that doesn’t work directly/easily with the dink.ini file, so rename them using the item-nn.bmp convention in which nn is an increasing number from 01 to 06 (assuming you want all six bmps to appear in the DMOD)

So having gone in and done all this work to make this spell/items pack accessible I give it a whirl. The sword is a powerful one, and loads/unloads alright, but the icon that appears in the menu bar is not an icon but words which I didn’t find appealing.

The default magic cost is pretty high for each of the spells that have scripts. More detail on this in the readme wouldn’ve been good

The icon for heal shows up in the Magic/Weapons window but not the status bar

I found the combination of icon and words not that appealing. I would suggest doing two sets of the menu/item bmps, one with words, one without as a choice.

Ice: fires off a blue sparkling star and then the water fountain sprite (because there is no item-ice included in the pack if you get the default acid rain spell if you use add_magic(“item-ice”, nnn, nn)

Judgement day: creates an stomic explosion on a single enemy with about 100 points damage. Sound Fx was strange, sounded like a grunt not a bang.

Heal: well increases you life to 60, so if you have lots of life available (ie you’ve progressed fairly far in a standard DMOD) this may not heal you entirely.

Inferno: shoots out a blue sparkle thing and then the water fountain, not my idea of inferno.

Overall not much of an add on, more work to be done on it.

2 out of 10.