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Dink Goes Boating Graphics Pack

Some of the graphics in the Dink Goes Boating Graphics Pack
This graphics pack includes all graphics of the TMOD Dink Goes Boating.
Released:November 24th, 2003
File Size:3.72 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
March 11th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This graphics pack consists of the graphics used in the T-mod Dink goes Boating. You can use them in your own D-mod.

Installation: Just unzip the zipped file and you have access to the graphics.

Good: The shakra, smoke and harpoon graphics, and item icons are good, but I just drooled over the octopus, potions and chest graphics. Those are so stunningly good! And amazingly beautiful! The boats are very good too, but the dancing or bobbing of the potions and chests are really great! When I first saw them in Dink goes Boating I just could not get enough of them and I just sat and watched the octopus swim and the chests dancing and the potions dancing. Cool!

Not so good: It also contains some things that are not needed in any other D-mod, such as the text graphics and the graphics used to explain the scripts (in folder bitems) and the start screen and buttons are also things that of course belong to the graphics of Dink goes Boating, but that are of no use for others. The patches are also not needed and besides, most of the subfolders are empty. The animations of the beheaded duck and Charon are original graphics and therefore do not belong in this graphics pack. There is also an empty folder (icons).
The thing I missed was a readme text in which should have been explained how you can implement these graphics in a D-mod and how you should put them in the inifile.

Overall: It seems like this graphics pack was made in a hurry, since there are all sorts of things that do not belong here or that are missing, such as a readme file. The graphics are splendid, but it would have been much more handy if the quality and workability of this file was as high as the quality of the graphics.

Fit for: If you want some outstanding graphics of an octopus, a boat and dancing potions and chests.