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Revenge of the Cast

July 6th, 2002
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Female
The Cast wants to take over castle Goodheart and Dink has to stop them.

Storyline: Itís pretty much one quest. This D-mod gives more attention to fighting then story and plot.

Map and graphics: The map is mediocre. Not much details. Some screens are copied, which is not bad or wrong, but because they all have the same error (square boxes which donít blend) you can not help but notice.

Music: Fits the situation.

Bugs: I encountered several screenlocks which wouldnít unlock.

Good: It is quite obvious what to do. The map is quite small, which prevents you from endless wandering. I liked the part in the underground section with the guards in which you have to get several passes, IDís and such to progress.

Not so good: There should have been more savebots and more ways to get healed. In the beginning of the game it is very hard to defeat the enemies, especially in the dungeon where are several screenlocks. I found only 1 potion, so you have to level up by fighting and that takes quite some time. You donít get much lifepoints either Ė there are no gold hearts, so once again you have to be really strong before you can fight the tougher enemies like the boncaís.

Overall: A straightforward little D-mod.

Fit for: Those who prefer fighting above a storyline.