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Shadows of Death

Plot-driven bridge collapse affects all of us. The results of Dink shirking his duty. From the COTPATD project.
Dink and the Bonca, Part 2: Shadows of Death
DinkKiller, 2014-2019

This D-mod is UNFINISHED. It will be buggy, it will be unpolished, I didn't put much detail into a lot of screens, and I may have missed many things that will crash the game. The first part of the Desert area is explorable, and there is an unfinished quest you can start. Attempt the quest at your own risk.

You have been warned.

Shadows of Death takes place immediately after the events of Dink and the Bonca (2009). Dink decides he wants to take out his new arch-nemesis Luke and teleports to the Kingdom of Astaelith to track him down. Little does Dink know that there is far more going on here than a simple quest of revenge.

About 20% of the game is done and playable. You should be able to make it into the desert area, which is where the game "ends". If anyone finds any major game breaking bugs, send me a private message and I will do my best to fix it and I will update the D-mod.
Released:June 22nd, 2019
File Size:4.55 MB
Release Notes:Surprise!

I've been sitting on this update for the better part of a year now. I never pushed it out because there were still more things that needed to be done, and I lost interest in working on it (as usual). I finally took the time to go in and fix up everything else that needed fixing, found new bugs to squish, and made more small changes. I know I've missed some things but I'm really happy with all the work I put into this update to make the D-Mod as good and as polished as it should have been in 2015.

No, the D-Mod still isn't finished nor are there any new playable areas, but I made extensive changes to every single aspect of the D-Mod that almost makes it an entirely new experience, though it will still be familiar to anyone who has played the initial release. The full patch notes are below, and it's quite the list.

Major updates:

- The Paragon/Renegade Quest system has been removed
- Some quests now give choices which will have different actions, consequences, and rewards
- The Pyragaede Sword is now called the Caduceus Sword, which levels up in a slightly different and less convoluted way
- Reworked and re-implemented a new Journal system which keeps track of quests, progress, and completion stats
- Plant life has bloomed and flourished, turning the grasslands region into the woodlands
- 'The Trader' side quest which is found in the desert can now be completed
- Several new side quests can be started in the woodlands region
- There is a new challenge mini-quest which can be found by interacting with a suspiciously placed object
- Luna Dungeon, the first major dungeon, has been fully detailed
- Both Eaglevale and Drayete dungeons have slightly reworked layouts and are now fully detailed
- Cleaned up and smoothed out the hardness tiling and tree-lines of the Dead Forest and added additional detail
- Most shorelines have partially eroded, improving the overall look and shape of the world

Minor updates:

- The potion shop in Faiori has officially opened
- Houses that previously could not be entered can now be entered
- A dozen or so new NPCs have been added for the player to interact with
- The amount of hidden power-ups available has been re-balanced
- All monsters and bosses have undergone some stat re-balancing
- The boss of Luna Dungeon has been given the gift of an unknown, dangerous, and unpredictable power
- Bosses and mini-bosses now have a health bar
- Removed about a dozen wasted screens which had no purpose
- Some house interiors have additional detailing
- Firemouth Village can no longer be entered, and trying to enter the village now triggers a new ending text
- General map polish and fixes
- General hardness fixes and improvements
- General dialogue polish and fixes
- General bug fixes

Inaccessible changes:

- Completely reworked the layout of the second half of the desert area to be non-linear and more explorable
- Reworked the layout of the Great Forest in the snow area

Known issues:

- The reworked boss of Luna Dungeon can be buggy and has a small chance to break the D-Mod. I couldn't figure out some of his issues, but 90% of the time he works [mostly] as intended. Make sure to save often just to be safe.
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November 19th, 2016
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant He/Him United States
;( This is an interesting D-Mod that has potential but it was never completed.

Dink starts out talking to a wizard and informs him that his friend Luke is really a bad guy. Evidently there have been attempts on Dink's life. Also, Luke has taken over a kingdom and must be stopped. Standard fare for Dink.

Dink is sent to the kingdom that is under siege. You work your way through the various towns, solving situations as you go, and have to follow specific steps in order to move ahead in the storyline. You learn magic, get a magic sword that has abilities that are not yet in the D-Mod, and fight some monsters and enemy soldiers, as well as solve a riddle. You finally get to the part where the D-Mod author stopped development and it will probably crash if you try to solve the unfinished quest against the bandits. You are warned about that possibility, though.

It is layered simply and isn't too complex, yet you can see how it easily could be made complex. I did not hit any real bugs until the very end. In some towns not all the buildings can be entered, only the main ones that move the story along have people in them, so that is understandable. There is an unexplained skip-over where death (in the boat) has taken you to a new place and you continue.

It is easy going to get through this unfinished and unpolished release. You can see where the author was heading and the potential this D-Mod had. It will, it looks like, never be finished. The last update was in the beginning of 2015. That's too bad because I enjoyed playing through it. Give it a try if you are bored. It is not one of the terrible ones - even if it is unfinished.

I give it a 2.0 rating only because it is not a complete D-Mod. 2.0 for the 20% is all it deserves at this point.