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Peasant Male United States
I am a writer and a business manager, as well as a former webmaster and SysOp.

I am a fan of the Dink Smallwood games and Dmods and have been a supporter of RTSoft products since the BBD age.

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2010-08-01 13:47:24
Peasant Male United States
In Reply to MsDink:

I decided to do that - do my saves manually and then exit WDE from time to time. I did chuckle at myself (after letting out a good blue streak of language). It's been so long since I've not been able to recover from a program crash that I just never thought about it when doing all of that work. Oh well, live and learn - and live and learn again, I guess.

I created a batch file that checks the errorlevel when exiting WDE. If I exit the program without an error it backs up everything into an RAR. I am keeping 5 backups so I can go back to the last 5 saves. If WDE exits abnormally the batch doesn't back up. That way I can go back into the program to see if it buggered anything or not before deciding to go to a backup version.

It's all just fun and stuffing, really.

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