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Peasant Male United States
I am a writer and a business manager, as well as a former webmaster and SysOp.

I am a fan of the Dink Smallwood games and Dmods and have been a supporter of RTSoft products since the BBD age.

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2016-11-19 00:15:55
Peasant Male United States
Oh, I didn't realize that the Dink HD one was the unfixed one. I'll install the one you've pointed me to then. Thanks!

As for the bed maze, yeah, I probably don't need to solve it, but I want to do everything in a D-Mod, even if it doesn't contribute to my winning or losing. I like to see what the author took the time to create in the one I am playing. I'm anal that way. LOL

Thanks again, Skurn.

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A great DinkC editor DinkC EditorFeaturedGood 8.2August 14th, 2010

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