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Legend of the Dink (The) - The Beginning

From the COTPATD project.
The king gets a message from K'llerd that he wants to destroy King Daniel's kingdom. He sends Dink to defeat the madman. However he had to find 10 missing knights who are lost in the deep forest where he lives Dink, in Forest Village.
Released:May 24th, 2007
File Size:249.08 KB
Release Notes:-Fixed screenlock sound in pillbugs
-Fixed a script for sign
-Changed boss life
-Fixed bug with gray bonca
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August 16th, 2007
Score : 4.9 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
This game is pretty cool, now, that (some of) the bugs are taken care of.

Story: A crazy man, has send a message to old Danny king, that if he won't send Dink, his kingdom will be destroyed. Dink will find out, that the evil madman was Seth. The end of this part is actually the beginning of the story.

Mapping: Not too bad. Many houses, where you can't get in. (LOL! Lazy Goku!) Some of the screens doesn't have anything e.g: like fences, and still you can't get to another screen. *SIGH*.

Gameplay: This is where the game really blows down, and sucks. Though, there is one secret. Seth is a WAY too hard! E.g: For beginner perhaps.

Good: The story.

Bad: Like I said in mapping, that you can't go to another screen, even there is no e.g: Fence.

Overal: 4.9. is what I give. This D-Mod could be good, if you put something more here, Goku.

Fit for: Download it, if you can't resist, but I wouldn't recomment doing so. Lol! Even Medieval 2 is better!
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