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August 14th, 2010
Score : 8.2 good
Peasant Male United States
I had using Notepad to work on code, but decided to try a DinkC-specific program to help my work progress a bit faster, and most assuredly more properly formatted. I first tried CEDIT and was happy with that for a bit, but there were too many nagging issues I had with it so I looked for another one. I found DinkC Editor and was quite impressed by it’s simplicity but functionality.

I read the other reviews here first, and then I tried the program. I discovered that the help file informs you how to deal with the undeclared variable issue quite easily. Either create a "pseudo-declare" at the top of each script, or more usefully, add those variables to the project file.

And yes, it DOES open more than one file at a time.

The good:
- Great error checking.
- Jump to line on errors function (click on error in error box).
- The creation of project files.
- Easy declaration of pseudo-declares.
- Very nice DINKC reference.
- Auto-indent function.
- Example functions prototypes (DinkC hints).
- Font and size selection for text editing window.
- Auto load of last project file to be used.
- Mouse wheel support.

The not so good, major and minor.

- It doesn't always save files when you tell it to.
Holding mouse click down for a second or two on the save button does save, but File>Save doesn't always save (apparently). Exiting the program prompts for save, and does save.
- Only one undo.
- Will allow opening the same file multiple times (no file locking).
- The "save as" menu item does not work.
- No exact term or limiting find, find/replace. Searching for the number 1 will also find the 1 in 100, or the cat in cattle, etc. (Potentially disastrous)
- No format/reformat function (Auto-indent in too limiting).
- No recently opened file list or reload menu.
- F1 does not bring up a help screen.
- No right click mouse function.

- It doesn’t keep separate path data for projects and scripts.
- It doesn’t color code functions, statements, etc..
- No drag and drop files into the editor window.
- Window tabs would be nice, but cascading windows is fine.
- Small misspelling: "Error: Unknow DinkC command".
- “Access violation” error if you type in a “(“ at the start of the line instead of a function start. It does not crash the program but it is annoying.

A pro or a con (depends on you):
If you open DinkC Editor by clicking on a .c file, then close that file, opening the Tool>Options, clicking OK, reopens the closed file into the editor.

I’ll rate DinkC Editor a 8.2 out of 10 because it is just so handy and so much better than CEDIT and Notepad for programming in DinkC. Kudos to the programmer for creating one useful utility. It would be great if the bugs were repaired and the program updated, but I can use it as is. Still... a new version would be most appreciated.

Edited (8/13/2010):
Added a newly discovered bug (Save As).