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Cemetery Graphics Pack

A graphics pack containing several cemetery graphics, including headstones, fences, and a gate.

*Best download of december 2003*
Released:December 7th, 2003
File Size:43.71 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
February 11th, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
This is an awesome graphic pack that contains graphics for tombstones and barred walls. All the graphics look good and fit Dink's world well enough so as to not stand out (unless you count looking awesome!). On the downside, the graphics don't have .ini lines and are not named in Dink's format, so there is a fair amount of mundane preparative stuff that needs to be done before they can be used. Rename all the files, give them hardboxes, curse and start over when you realize you did it wrong, etc.

The tombstones come in many shapes and sizes, and with a little imagination easily fit lots of other settings than just a cemetery. They're not the ultimate gravestones, however: All of them look very clean and polished. If you wanted your graves cracked and weathered, you'd have quite an editing job ahead of you to get that out of these. This also brings us to another limitation of the graphics: They're rather high-class, and might appear out of place with Andy the pauper resting under one of these tombstones in a cemetery surrounded by these walls, next to a small village with a pig fence.

The barred walls are superb. When I think of graveyard walls, I think of these graphics. They look great, but suffer from some poor design choices that become apparent as soon as you get into the editor and start building a wall: You have to use two different pieces to get the graphics in a vertical fence to align right, this set does not have as many parts as the wall sets in original Dink do, and ending the wall can be problematic because the pieces are part of a whole structure and there are no end pieces. There are also two graphics of a gate, open and closed, but only in one direction. If you wanted a gate on the left or right edge of a cemetery, you'd have to think of something else.

It might not be the most beginner-friendly graphic pack out there, nor is it the simplest to use, but the graphics are of the same high quality as Bruce Harrison's other graphic packs, and more versatile than those. If you know your hardboxes, this file is great. If you don't, get someone to do them for you, it's still great.