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Quest for Food (The)

Dink is out of food and must find some quickly!
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:212.22 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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July 3rd, 2008
Score : 3.0 tolerable
This one is also pretty short. Story is you need food and and this troll stole it, get it back. Your characters house has nothing in it hardly , and check out the fireplace you can walk right through it and alot of objects. All you do in this one is talk to this women in town have her destroy the blocked road, which i don't know why it was blocked. Then u go to this woods and get all these upgrades for no reason then u go underground through a small map and get upgrades along the way finally you get to the end boss.

Pay off time , well not really. This boss was so easy, he does not even attack he just walks around.And why is he on a island with nothing on it ?? Also i think its cool the 2 legged monsters try to attack you then get caught together in pairs and duke it out leaving you with only one to finish alot of the times.

This was an ok mod, i thought there was going to be more to do or a story behind it but not bad.