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Damnation Midi Pack

January 23rd, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
This pack contains 8 midiís from various artists.

The names of the midiís must be the longest ones I have ever seen, as not only the title but also the name of the artist is given. Quite logical of course, but then you do get names such as: howicouldjustkillaman_rageagainstthemachin.mid.

They all sound sort of the same and could do well in any exciting situation. The only one that I really like is SquirrelNutZippers_hell.mid. This is actually the first time I heard a midi that would be perfect for any nerve-racking situation without being annoying. In fact, it sounds very good.

Overall a midi pack that consists of midi's that sound a lot like each other.