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True of Life

Dink go to the Pärnu(City of Estonia)because he want save he friend "Fred".
Released:September 1st, 2002
File Size:228.86 KB
Release Notes:v1.3 Final
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September 11th, 2002
v1.3 Final
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
Dink has to find his friend Fred.

Storyline: There is not much of a story. It’s about Dink finding Fred, but you are just told that; there is no further explanation.

Map and graphics: No new graphics. The map is really empty; there is not much to see, which is a bit boring.

Music: The music is really good and fits the situation.

Good: The secret is nicely done; it is really hard to find, but once you have found it, the rest of the game is very easy. One entrance to a house is the wrong entrance, but you will enter it anyway and end up somewhere else. I like the savebot right at the beginning, but that is because I always want to save as quickly as possible.

Not so good: Some hardness errors on houses and sprites. I entered a bug, which allowed me to walk of screen. There is not much gameplay.

Overall: A little D-mod that could be improved.
Fit for: If you want to play a short D-mod.
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