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Eternal Suicide Chapter Zero : Wasted Life

March 12th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Female
Storyline: I really have no idea what this was all about although I watched dozens of cutscenes with a LOT of conversation, but somehow it does not matter that you have no idea what is going on since you are driven to find out what kind of action you are going to see next. It is just like an action movie: a tiny plot, a tiny story, but ton loads of action.

Map and graphics: The mapping is done painstakingly and a lot and time and effort has put into making something very nice out of the map. And therefore it never gets boring; there is always a lot to see. Actually it is just like an action movie: a lot to see, but since you concentrate on the hero, you do not actually see it and you would have to see the move (or play the D-mod) twice in order to notice other things that are there or that are going on.
There are some new graphics. I particularly liked the screen with the flames on which you have to fight the stonegiants. There are huge bronze pots from which flames arise; very impressive. A very elegant scene, and very nicely done. The cloud part looks good too, considering that is really difficult to get clouds show up correct in the Dink palette.

Music: Very good music and very nice sound effects.

Good: This is a purely action based game and it sort of rushes you to hurry up. The intro of the game is also like a lot of action movies: it just drops you right into the action. The whole game is like a ride in a rollercoaster and when the ride is over you are a bit shaky from the ride!

Not so good: You have to like the fact that you walk from screen to screen and kill all kind of stuff, since that is the only thing you can do in this D-mod. There is no exploring on your own and you can not talk to anyone. All the conversations take place in cutscenes. After a while I found it irritating that you can not do anything on your own. It is almost never obvious what to do next and you have to do rather silly things in order to proceed. Killing all barrels or all spiders on several screens is not the most logic way to open a gate or get a note. And that you have to kill machines and poles in order to get the game going is also something that is not logic.
If you have killed the monsters on the screen with the old lady and come back on that screen, the scene repeats itself and you have to kill them again. The game froze on the screen with the old lady and also on the screen after the lava cutscenes. That you can not decide when to save the game is annoying: if something fails you have to start from the saving point and sometimes that means that you have to watch a long cutscene again or kill the same monsters.

Overall: Ask me what it was all about and I would have to answer that I have no clue what the story was about. But ask me if it was action packed and the answer is: all the way!

Fit for: If you want to enjoy a D-mod that looks a lot like an action movie.