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Christiaan says, "I hope this will help you to understand the great powers of Making A Dmod..."

*Best download of october 2001*
Released:October 17th, 2001
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August 24th, 2003
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Male Australia
This document isn't bad, it borrows (cuts and pastes) from a number of others, but ultimately it will give more correct knowledge than incorrect.

It suffers from a) the author already knowing how to do a dmod and thus some points are glossed over and, b) the author not having english as his first language (a very minor point).

I found the section about creating your first screen a little confusing... or at least I thought it sounded a little confusing as I imagined myself being a new DMOD author.

But there are good tips in here. Stuff like contacting other DMOD authors, trying various ways of doing things.

Since this document was created there is a new document every DMOD author should have... the revised DinkC.txt file by Ted Shutes. If you ever want to understand what a particular DinkC function does, download and get this.

I always like to read about how people go about their DMODs, so I liked that aspect of this txt file.

7.5 out of 10