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Sword of Paranor: Forgotten Realms

New house graphic. From the COTPATD project.
Dink has to find and rescue his uncle
from the Grimpond orcs that siege Dun-Aran, save the transformed habitants of Grondor and much much more.
Released:July 20th, 1998
File Size:1.24 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
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July 10th, 2003
Score : 7.7 good
Peasant He/Him Finland
tag line 
Storyline: Dink's uncle is missing. Dink sails to Gaalakan to try to find his lost uncle.

*Somehow I was really trapped by this dmod and I had to play it many times in a row... strangely.
*At least this dmod isn't too hard to beat, it was actually too easy for me.
*The places are finely decorated.
*Nearly all of the new graphics were very good.

*I really hate it in dmods when screens and ground tiles do not blend properly, and this dmod is no exception.
*I wasn't able to pick up some of the hearts and potions, and that's BAD bug too.
*Nearly all of the enemies are orcs made with goblin graphics and it would have been a big plus for this dmod if the graphics would have been new ones.
* I just walked past the knights into the castle, I didn't have to, well, see for yourself.
* I didn't like some of the graphics, eg. the tree was way too tall and looked like plastic, the coffin was too big, the castle wasn't of very good color, etc.

Overall: I liked this dmod despite it's bugs and weaknesses. 7.7