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Sword of Paranor: Forgotten Realms

New house graphic. From the COTPATD project.
July 10th, 2003
Score : 7.7 good
Peasant Male Finland
tag line 
Storyline: Dink's uncle is missing. Dink sails to Gaalakan to try to find his lost uncle.

*Somehow I was really trapped by this dmod and I had to play it many times in a row... strangely.
*At least this dmod isn't too hard to beat, it was actually too easy for me.
*The places are finely decorated.
*Nearly all of the new graphics were very good.

*I really hate it in dmods when screens and ground tiles do not blend properly, and this dmod is no exception.
*I wasn't able to pick up some of the hearts and potions, and that's BAD bug too.
*Nearly all of the enemies are orcs made with goblin graphics and it would have been a big plus for this dmod if the graphics would have been new ones.
* I just walked past the knights into the castle, I didn't have to, well, see for yourself.
* I didn't like some of the graphics, eg. the tree was way too tall and looked like plastic, the coffin was too big, the castle wasn't of very good color, etc.

Overall: I liked this dmod despite it's bugs and weaknesses. 7.7
December 18th, 2002
Score : 8.3 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: One of Dinkís uncles is missing. His uncle went to find the island Gaalakan, also known as the Lost Continent, and disappeared.

Map and graphics: The map is nicely decorated. There are new graphics, such as a houses, trees, a castle, coffins and some glowing skulls. Those are all done real good, but the castle looks a bit weird. It is made of stone and has pointy towers and it just does not look right. Not like a castle should look like, anyway.

Music: Although there are midiís in the sound folder, I did not hear any music.

Good: There is some humour in the game. The way the animals transform again to humans is nicely done.

Not so good: Some tiles do not blend. A lot of screens do not blend nicely: sprites are cut of halfway, and tiles just change colour and texture. A fence is hanging in the air, and you can not pick up some hearts. Some screens do not have borders.

Overall: A nice D-mod that never gets too difficult, with new graphics that look good.

Fit for: Anyone who wants to have a small and nice adventure.
October 1st, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
The Sword of Paranor... I recall this had been made during a contest, just like the Alternate Heroes Contest recently.

I think this was quite a strange game, It has a very unclear plot, and a lot of graphical bugs. It also looks kinda unfinished, like the author rushed through the development of the game. Some potions you can't even pick up. But there are some cool things too, like one of the coolest new graphics I ever saw in a D-Mod. There isn't much of a story: You have to find your uncle with this sword called Paranor (It's your only weapon though it's not equiped as you start the game).
GRAPHICS 7,2: Some things look fantastic, like the awesome castle and tree graphics... almost SOB quality. But (yeah there's always a but) some things look extremely bad. Some screens are just complete chaos. Grass on trees, trees in fences, just to mention some stuff. Too bad.
SOUND 6,6: To be really really, honest I can't remeber the sound effects, but the music was okay, Nothing special.
GAMEPLAY 6.0: Not much to do, The goblin part at the castle was fun (find out yourself), but there's only one type of enemie in the game: the goblin. No real quests or such, and some annoying bugs, like mentioned before. If the author spent a bit more time on the game, and made it a bit longer with some side quests and stuff, this could be a very entertainig D-Mod, but now... it isn't.
LASTING APPEAL 4.0: Very short, and NO secrets, NO side quests, and NOTHING special, so actually no replay value at all (though I played it twice... I'm weird).
TOTAL: 6.0
A little appealing, and nice graphics, but it isn't enough to be called a good D-Mod..
July 15th, 2014
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male Japan xbox steam bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
When I opened this up I was very impressed with the title screen. I saw that and thought the game was going to be pretty awesome. Plus The Sword of Paranor: Forgotten Realms certainly makes it sound like a pretty kickin' adventure. The intro is just a screen of text the introduces the story, and I'm okay with that. The story it introduces is actually getting me even more pumped up for this game. I was let down.

There is just so much wrong about this game that I'm going to make a list.
-The title seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. (I can't seem to remember if there was even a place called Paranor mentioned) There is a long sword though. I don't think it's the Sword of Paranor though.
-A lot of the screens don't have borders to them. Just because it looks like you can go farther one way, doesn't mean you can.
-Almost half of the red hearts you come across can't be picked up because they're not scripted.
-You only actually need to kill two enemies to beat the game.
-There are a ridiculous amount of red hearts throughout the whole map. Why? You already put a longsword that boosts strength to like 20 so I can three hit any enemy. Did you really need to make sure that there was no chance I could get my health under 75% too?
-I didn't notice anything interactive that wasn't a story progressive script.
-There was some door creaking sounds upon traversing between screen that had no doors anywhere near them.

And this is my list of praise
-Good Title Screen
-Use of new graphics

This DMOD is nothing special. It's just your average boring hunk-a-junk romp. I wouldn't recommend it.
November 4th, 2006
Score : 4.9 tolerable
While I realize Sword of Paranor is a romp, it was entirely too short. With all of the flaws, though, I'm tempted to say that its brevity was the best part. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but it wasn't very enjoyable at all. Essentially, you walk west, talk to an old man, continue west, kill three goblins, return to the old man, then follow the path a bit, killing two more goblins, until you reach the end. That, in itself isn't terrible. It could work if there was a good storyline to back it up, but unfortunately, there wasn't. You simply need to find your uncle, and I don't think I'll spoil it for anyone when I say: you do. Another negative is several hardness errors and being unable to interact with a few chests and hearts that you find.

On the plus side, while it is a small map, it's nicely decorated. The music is also pretty decent. And another bonus was the difficulty level; while it doesn't come into play much, as you won't be doing much fighting, it felt nicely balanced.
April 12th, 2004
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant Female
Good, no slimes or boncas lots of hearts and a clear purpose and direction of how the adventure is to take place.
March 18th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
This dmod is good. it has a bad map and so, but there's a nice feeling to it. new graphics are good, as is the music. The story isn't good, and I don't like the place names at all. The dmod also ends very suddenly and the ending disappointed at least me.
March 9th, 2004
Score : 7.1 good
Noble Male United Kingdom
I remember trying this d-mod ages ago, and felt I had to give it another chance. I'm not entirely certain it was worth it.
This d-mod has some cool ideas, such as the village of people who have been morphed into animals, but it's quest do pretty much revolve around the" Go over there, then come back her, then go back there... then come back here again" formula... which is very dull.
As it has been mentioned, a lot of items simply did not work, being hard and without scripts. This kind of sloppiness is disappointing, as it detracts from a fairly solid romp.
The new graphics varied in quality. The skulls looked nice, and the tree was sensational (The White Tree of Gondor anyone?). But the castle looked.... disturbed. Something was not quite right with it... though it wasn't badly made at all.
This d-mod has potential, but you get the feeling the author was experimenting a lot. So it's worth a try, but don't expect too much.