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Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin

A flower loving bonca. Let's bash him over the head with a sword! This is HALF of the game. From the COTPATD project.
Here are some statistics: 1500 map screens (in 2 map files), estimated time of 12-15 hours to complete all the endings, 28 new sounds, 88 new midis, and over 500 new graphics.

*Best download of november 2000*
Released:May 2nd, 2021
File Size:5.66 MB
Release Notes:Community patch by Robj to fix crash with FreeDink 109.6.
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June 12th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: This is part 3 of the Friends Beyond Trilogy. As with the other two parts, I found the lack of storyline irritating. You do things without even knowing why you should do it.

Map and graphics: There are two maps to this D-mod, which is quite amazing; not only make the maps this D-mod the largest ever in mapsize, but it is also the only D-mod that has two maps. The statusbar is new; it looks good, but somehow it distracts your attention from the game – perhaps because I am so used to the old statusbar. There are some other new graphics too, such as the gate and the magic, which look good. The introscreen is very good – in fact, it is the best one I have ever seen!

Music: The music is fair. It gets a bit boring after a while since the tunes sounds very common.

Good: The intro is done nicely; you see several snapshots of the previous D-mods as well some of this one. Although there is not very much humour in this game, the race was quite funny, especially the fact that Dink could not walk very fast while carrying the rock. There are three endings to this game, depending on how many points you have earned and you will get the points by doing miniquests. There is a new level up system: you can not choose which one you want to increase, but you get a random amount of points.

Not so good: As the former two parts, there is not much excitement going on when playing this game. Perhaps it is because you do not know what to do, or perhaps it is the huge map which makes you walk a lot without seeing anything interesting. Although this D-mod features two maps, I think the game would have been better of with just one map. The map looks all right, but it is way too huge to keep it interesting since not that much is happening. You have to walk from one place to another one and all you can do at those spots is very little – and after having done that, you wonder why there was any need for doing it. The caves are way too big too – it seems the author’s main focus was to have two maps instead of a thrilling adventure on one small map.

Overall: Very big D-mod in map size, adventure wise it is a bit disappointing.

Fit for: If you have played the other two parts, you should play this one too. This is the best part of the Trilogy.
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