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Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin

This is HALF of the game. From the COTPATD project. A flower loving bonca. Let's bash him over the head with a sword!
Here are some statistics: 1500 map screens (in 2 map files), estimated time of 12-15 hours to complete all the endings, 28 new sounds, 88 new midis, and over 500 new graphics.

*Best download of november 2000*
Released:May 2nd, 2021
File Size:5.66 MB
Release Notes:Community patch by Robj to fix crash with FreeDink 109.6.
Play:Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)
January 27th, 2003
Score : 9.6 exceptional
This is the biggest D-Mod ever, and every true dinker should really download it. Legend of Tenjin has 2 map files (1536 screens!) and it takes lot of time to get through. This is D-Mod that everyone should play. Only there is barely any Dink humor. (!!!) The game gets really frustating towards the end, and it's harder. It took quite small time to get through map1, (I didn't use walkthrough!) and the Boss was ridiculous. No bugs or hardness errors so far. Keep up good work!
Hero Dink Smallwood defeated Tenjin, but only it's psychical presence. Now Tenjin has found replacement, and Dink's grandson must stop her. There is lot of other too. Plot is great in this dmod. *Average: 9.8*
There is lot of new graphics, but the best is new interface. Textures look little different. Graphically more advanced than original Dink. *Average: 9.4*
Midis were taken mostly of FB1 and FB2, some new midis, and some taken from Chrono Trigger. Midis usually fit the scene, and it gave just the right mood. Grimm Cave has midi from FIAT's Odvi. That is great midi. I usually don't recognize new sounds, so they don't usually matter for me. *Average: 9.7*
Map1: Map1 was big, but some screens were quite empty and some screens looked same. There was lots of walking like back and forth Gem with tied in a job. Story was good in map1, though. "Meanwhile" should be unlocked always, as it tells story quite much. Race was great addition to map1.
Map2: It was quite boring after map1, but still somehow, it kept you playing. Caves were nice, and quests weren't all pointless. Some of the quests were hard to beat. The way you get to Sid and beat him is boring. No plot and story. *Average: 9.1*
Fruit-mixing game is great, but not an necessary add to game, becouse the odds to mix the greatest potion are low. Quest finding 30 coins is tough. (Haven't found all even myself!) Best ending takes time to get, and the worst ending is funny!
Final Decision... 9.6
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