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Dink's Father 2: The Kidnapping

June 5th, 2003
Score : 2.7 horrible
Peasant Female
Storyline: This is the second part of the trilogy Dink’s father. This time his father has been kidnapped.

Map and graphics: The map is real empty: the beginning is all right, but after that there are only empty screens.

Music: The music is funny, especially in the beginning.

Good: I found the clothes drying above the fire quite funny – that is, they looked like clothes to me. The conversation with the second knight was fun too.

Not so good: A lot of sprites are placed incorrect: you can see the walls of a house outside a house, some trees turn into men when entering the screen and sprites are place outside the screen so you get stuck on them when entering a screen. There are a lot of hardness errors so you get stuck a lot of times. You can pass the first knight without having to pay for it. There is not much interaction with the characters and the story is not that interesting.

Overall: A D-mod with a lot of bugs that can not keep your interest.

Fit for: Perhaps if you have played the first part you want to see this one too.