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Uhm.. what to say? Fan of most things to do on a computer.

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2004-09-30 14:14:33
I accidentally forgot to backup my .c files before compiling them to .d. Does anyone have a decompiler available?

Lancemads has released 3 files

Dink's Father 3D-Mod, RompHorrible 2.9January 16th, 2004
Dink's Father 2: The KidnappingD-Mod, RompHorrible 2.7April 3rd, 2003
Dink's Father 1: Quest for the ScrollD-Mod, RompFair 5.0January 3rd, 2003

Lancemads has written 6 reviews

Jarvis Goes To Dragon`S Peak To Sort Out (Not More Than 4 Must-Kill Monsters) Knight's Tale Trois (A)NormalGood 7.4March 9th, 2004
The Attack of the Army Attack of the Army (The)NormalGood 7.5August 22nd, 2003
This is a Tutorial Wich Teaches You the Basics of Scipting Tutorial D-ModNormalFair 5.0June 17th, 2003
Ok Search for the Green Mushroom (The)NormalFair 6.0June 17th, 2003
Hmmm World of DinkCNormalExceptional 9.2May 7th, 2003
This is a Fun Dmod Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking TreesNormalGood 7.0January 7th, 2003