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THE LAST QUEST (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny

Just hitting a log in a forest, no big deal Martridge gives reality the middle finger
This game includes a reuse of many of the graphics that other dmod authors have generated and a few things found "on the Internet" plus a few fun graphics and animations made just by me. While the play is straight forward, the player can make choices that will influence the game's final score, and indeed even whether the player will "survive" 'till the end of the game. While nothing spectacular, it does include some Dink humor, a few self deprecating jokes at the expense of the dmod author, an elaborate and interesting story, and lots of fun sound effects, plus an amusing special ending for those Dink fans who achieve a score of 100%.

Though he has learned much on the first part of this quest [THE LAST QUEST (part 1): The Oraculum], Dink still feels that he does not understand what he is now to do with the pain of his uncertainty about who and what he is. Though a great many things have been done throughout his career, he feels empty and somehow as if there is no way he can know what he should now do with his life.

So he has returned to the home of his friend Martridge, asking for his help in completing this final quest. The Oraculum told him only that he needed to seek out the Iron Ring of Destiny, as a way of finishing what he started. And so, once again he starts off in Martridge's home, but his old friend tells him he is too late and that he cannot help him!

A mild warning is in order: Like part 1 of this quest(*), there are some ways in which this quest continues to *not* be like most dmods. In fact, there are several things about the game that are rather different from the average Dink module.

(*)I'm talking about THE LAST QUEST (part 1): The Oraculum. Please play it before part 2.
Released:December 7th, 2019
File Size:42.44 MB
Release Notes:Fixed some minor coding errors in s4-stat.c, start.c and slipdink.c .
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August 7th, 2017
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant He/Him United Kingdom
1 A very good epic dmod

2)The intro seemed a little on the long side, but overall the storyline was good

3)Good graphics

4)Spent to much time walking and doubling back for small quests

I finished in the end but with a feeble score as I did not fulfill all the quests on the way

A lot of time was spent making this Dmod keep up the good work
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