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A nice fightin romp that takes about 20 minutes to get through.
There are 5 types of characters, play the game to see them.
Released:October 30th, 2002
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Release Notes:Beta
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January 5th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant He/Him
Now that I updated Sabretrout's fighterz, i decided to update my review.

Ok, this is simply an excellent fighting dmod with the new update.

MUSIC- The music fits really well with the levels. Especially the Ice level, where the music is actually from a sonic the hedgehog level .

After hours of tweaking, the fighting is very balanced, it never gets too easy for a character, and it usually never gets too hard.

Graphics- No new graphics

Map- I didnt quite like the map through the whole thing, but the monsters seem to fit pretty well with where they were put.

There 5 types of characters, dink smallwood, a knight, a goblin, a wizard, and an archer. Each character was pretty balanced. Dink Smallwood with a boomerang was very fun. The archer's arrows went double their normal speed since it isnt realistic for an arrow to be traveling at about 5 mph. The wiard was kinda hard to use, there should have been a bit more spells for him, but he was still kinda fun to use. Each character had a bonus about them, weather it was their weapon or their stats. 5 different types of characters if a big plus, the wide range of weaponry was also a big plus.

I searched through the dmod very thougharly, but I was unable to find any bugs.

I think there should have been a bit more levels. Also, monsters gave gold (which was useless since there was nothing to buy!

Overall- Download this if you want to go raise some of your fightin skillz, or if you like cool weaponry =)

Great romp- 8.7 B+
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