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October 19th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her
This file lets you add a boomerang as a new weapon in your D-mod.

Good: The boomerang looks real good. You throw the boomerang and it ‘whooshes’ away (whoosh.wav is the sound effect that comes with this file). That sound is real good. The boomerang works almost the same as the throwing axe and it makes the same sound if you hit Ctrl very fast.
That is the advantage of this weapon; it works the same as the throwing axe, and can do the same damage since you can keep throwing boomerangs.
The backside is that it is not really how a boomerang behaves, since it should come back. It also has the graphics of Dink using magic (a flash of light emerging from his hand) and since a boomerang is not a magic weapon, that seems a bit out of place.

Not so good: Although the file comes with a readme.txt, the explanation on how to install this add-on is not very clear. If you do not have any programming experience, it will be hard to install this one. On the other hand, probably only people who are making a D-mod, and therefore have programming skills, will use this file.
But still you do have to have some knowledge. Making a new folder for the boomerang graphics does not seem to hard to do, but some things are a bit vague: the readme.txt just says that you have to add the whoosh.wav in the start script, and perhaps newbies do not know that they have to look for the start.c file in the story folder. And is does not say in what script you have to add the add_item procedure; perhaps newbies could be looking for an existing script, not knowing that they should use that procedure in a new script.
And the line to add the .wav file is not correct. If copied like stated in the readme.txt the sound will not play, since a spacing is missing between the comma and the number of the sound effect.
That a dink.ini file is included is good though. But a bit more explanation could be helpful.

Remark: Although DethLord says that there is an invisible boomerang as well, I could not discover that one.

Overall: A nice change to the old weapons.