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Day and Night

A script that varies the darkness over a set time to simulate day and night.
Released:September 4th, 2000
File Size:101.96 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
June 9th, 2002
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant He/Him
I think that this idea is a great idea, only I think that the way the whole thing is put together is not too brilliant. There are MANY strengths and weaknesses here and I think that these following should prove that.


The idea itself, of being able to show day and light, and the timing. It is great that you can set when the screen fades, and when it becomes clear again. I think that this was a great idea, and another version can be made upon it. I think that the time between night and day is well done, and works like seconds do. Not for example, some clocks that time 6/8ths of a normal second, as one second. No it works fine. However the weaknesses bring what was an 8.0, down


It is easy to see the pixels of the shading. Meaning the night itself does not look too realistic. If the pixels were perhaps, a few blocks closer together, a more night-time effect can take place. I thought that fading the screen down to a certain light level (so Dink can still be seen) would help, to make it more realistic. Please, improve for another version and if you cannot, I will be happy to fill the slot


The idea behind the whole thing was well put together, and time was obviously put into it. I think that once again, the pixels should be closed in, so that it looks more realistic.

Total 6.7
Grade C

End comment "Try and get another version out!"