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Changes all pillbugs into Coconut Monkeys.
Released:February 20th, 1999
File Size:51.39 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
November 8th, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Female
This modification changes all pillbugs from the original Dink into Coconut Monkeys.

It looks a bit out of place, to see Coconut Monkeys where there should be pillbugs. For instance, on the farm of Mr. Smilestein.

The monkeys act the same as pillbugs, they have the same strenght, make the same noise and the death graphic is the same as for a pillbug.
So why should you go trough the trouble of downloading this file if all is the same, except the way they look like? Perhaps for a change. If you want to play the original game again and want some slight change or if you just love monkeys or prefer Coconut Monkeys above pillbugs, you could use this file.